Petroleum & Petrochemicals

The Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform includes Upstream: exploration and production; Midstream: hydrocarbon transportation and storage; and Downstream: refining and petrochemicals businesses, working with world-class partners across the hydrocarbon value chain to maximize returns and contribute to the ongoing diversification objectives of Oman.

The Petroleum & Petrochemicals platform is a core pillar of our business, building on Oman’s rich heritage in the oil and gas sector. Through our partnerships with like-minded organizations, we use our sectoral expertise and experience to support the continued growth and success of our portfolio companies.

Our upstream operation focuses on finding and extracting oil and gas in locations across the globe. The process includes securing exploration rights in promising areas and identifying specific prospects for exploration drilling. Successful identification of commercial deposits leads to project development and eventually production. Our portfolio of world-class international companies comprises of integrated assets covering multiple sectors, or the entire value chain, and a wealth of expertise across various disciplines.